13 Oct 2023

2 Publications at EWOFS2023 Conference

The papers “Dual parameters discrimination comparison between two types of optical fiber sensors during the operation of a Li-ion battery” (https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2678091) and “Multiparameter sensor based […]
13 Oct 2023

Participation at Battery Conference, Germany

In April 2023, INSTABAT disseminated results in a Poster communication entitled: “Virtual sensing to support Battery Management System: estimation algorithms for SOC and internal temperature […]
13 Oct 2023

Front page of the Publication on Advanced Sensor Journal

The paper published in the scope of INSTABAT entitled: “Customized Optical Fiber Birefringent Sensors to Multipoint and Simultaneous Temperature and Radial Strain Tracking of Lithium-Ion […]
6 Feb 2023


On the day 04/02/23, the paper “A particle filter-based virtual sensor for estimating the state of charge and internal temperature of lithium-ion batteries: Implementation in […]
28 Jul 2022

1st i3NERGY workshop, July 2022, Aveiro, Portugal

INSTABAT project has been promoted at 1st i3NERGY workshop, by PhD. Micael Nascimento from UAVR, an invited speaker, talked about optical fiber sensors to track […]
28 Jul 2022

V International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics, July 2022, Guimarães, Portugal

INSTABAT has disseminated some exploratory results, by the UAVR partner, in the V International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics, with two oral communications about […]
28 Jul 2022

Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 1st i3NERGY workshop, June 2022, Mainz, Germany

INSTABAT attended at Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC Europe), with an oral communication (Poster) about “Optical fiber sensors as a tool to monitor next batteries […]
28 Jul 2022

Ciência 2021 – Science and Technology in Portugal Summit

INSTABAT project has been promoted at the Science and Technology in Portugal Summit 2021, https://www.encontrociencia.pt/2021/?accao=posters , from 28th to the 30th June, which took place […]
28 Jul 2022

Book chapter publication July 2022

UAVR partner has recently published a book chapter in the Book “Smart Mobility – Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications”, ISBN 978-1-80355-712-0. The chapter approaches […]