Front page of the Publication on Advanced Sensor Journal

6 Feb 2023
Participation at Battery Conference, Germany
13 Oct 2023

The paper published in the scope of INSTABAT entitled: “Customized Optical Fiber Birefringent Sensors to Multipoint and Simultaneous Temperature and Radial Strain Tracking of Lithium-Ion Batteries” has been selected to be the Front Page of the Advanced Sensor Journal, Volume 2, July! (Advanced Sensor Research: Vol 2, No 7 (

In article number 2200046, Micael S. Nascimento and co-workers track essential parameters related to Li-ion batteries’ safety concerns. In this way, multiple fiber Bragg grating sensors are inscribed in a polarization-maintaining fiber and positioned in a coiled configuration in a cylindrical Li-ion battery to simultaneously discriminate temperature and radial strain variations in different locations for the first time.