Publication on Advanced Sensor Journal

3 Master’s Dissertation in 2022 from UAVR partner
13 Oct 2023
Publication in Batteries Journal
13 Oct 2023


Short announcement:

The paper “Customized Optical Fiber Birefringent Sensors to Multipoint and Simultaneous Temperature and Radial Strain Tracking of Lithium-Ion Batteries”, in the framework of INSTABAT project was published on 08/02/23 on the Advanced Sensor Journal.


In this study, it is described customized optical sensors, based on fiber Bragg gratings recorded in birefringent PANDA fibers (FBG-PANDA), that were developed and instrumented in a coiled configuration into a cylindrical Li-ion battery (LiB) to simultaneously track temperature and radial strain during galvanostatic cycles, in three different battery locations, for the first time. Good feasibility and reproducibility were observed in the optical sensor’s performance and demonstrated that by operating as a multiparameter decouple system, they can decrease the complexity and intrusiveness in batteries, by using only one optical fiber line. The reported results are in accordance with the literature, indicating that such sensors could be consistently used for future applications regarding battery safety parameters sensing.